What is DNS and how to Edit it?

Are you confused what DNS is and how to use it? 

First, you have to understand what DNS is. With each domain name, you have a nameserver. On that nameserver, you can edit the DNS for that specific domain. DNS gives you the capability to associate a domain name with a specific IP address, a Mail Record, TXT record to verify you are the domain owner and much more. 

DNS is the backbone of giving functions to a domain name such as a website or email. To edit the DNS of a specific domain name, you must first manage and associate that domain name with the nameservers you wish to use. If you wish to manage your DNS within your SafetyNames portal, then you will have to select the default nameservers:





From there, you can control the DNS of a domain name by following these steps:

  1. Log into your SafetyNames Account
  2. Click on Domains and then find the domain name you wish to edit
  3.  Look to the far right of the domain that you would like to edit and select the arrow ↓
  4. Click on Manage Domain
  5. On the left hand side, you can click on DNS Management
    1. This is only available if you use the SafetyNames nameservers
  6. Here you can add the DNS records that you wish to add. 

To learn more about DNS, you can read this article: What is DNS

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