How to Transfer a domain to SafetyNames

It is quite easy to transfer a domain name from your current provider to SafetyNames. It requires a few steps at your current Registrar and some at SafetyNames. 

Complete the following steps at your current Registrar:

  1. Unlock the domain name - this will allow the transfer to be possible
  2. Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer code) from your current registrar
  3. Verify your contact information: Confirm that the administrator's contact information for the domain is correct. Your old registrar may need to contact you on this email address during the transfer process
  4. Cancel Protected Domain Registration: If the domain has Domain Whois Masking, you'll need to cancel it. Check with your previous registrar for more details

If you use GoDaddy, you can see how to transfer a domain name away here: 

Complete the following steps at SafetyNames:

  1. Once the domain name is unlocked and you have the EPP / transfer code, please visit the SafetyNames trasnsfer page
  2. Once you are on the page, please enter the domain name and the EPP / transfer code
  3. Checkout as normal through SafetyNames
  4. You will receive a transfer email from your old Registrar, asking for you to confirm the transfer - please approve the transfer
  5. If you do not approve the transfer at your old Registrar, they will transfer the domain name to SafetyNames within 5 days of the transfer being initiated
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