How to Update Nameservers

Updating Nameservers can be scary, however following these steps will help you get through the issues of changing Nameservers and avoiding downtime. 

First off, what are nameservers?

- Every domain name has to be associated with a nameserver. That nameserver points the domain name in the right direction towards the website that you have created. 

So, if you have built a website with Wix and they ask you to update your nameservers to theirs, then all you have to do is go into your SafetyNames account and then:

  1. Find the domain name that you want to edit, look to the far right and select the arrow ↓ 
  2. Select "Manage Nameservers"
  3. You can use our default nameservers, which are:
  4. Or you can add in custom nameservers (e.g. for Wix)
    1. Please keep in mind, if you do not use the SafetyNames nameservers, then you will not be able to edit or update the DNS records in your SafetyNames portal
  5. Click "Change Nameservers" after you have changed the nameservers to what you like

Those are the steps on how to update nameservers for each domain name in your SafetyNames account. If you need to do a mass nameserver update, you can always email us at [email protected]

Please let us know if you would like to make those updates for you. 

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