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Whether you’re a travel-blogger, have a collection of state-of-the-art cocktail recipes, want to share videos and family life with the world, the Managed WordPress Blog is for you.

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Google Analytics at your fingertips

If you want to learn where your blog visitors go, you can easily install Google Analytics by Google for your Managed WordPress Blog to see exactly where your users came from, what parts of your website they visited, and where you might want to direct them in the future. 

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Online marketing like you know it!

Once your Managed WordPress Blog is up and running and you’re ready to find your first customers, you need to spread the word. With thousands of plugins at your fingertips, you can easily optimize your website for search engines, start email marketing, connect your social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook and even collect comments and reviews from your blog visitors.

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I’ve been super impressed with the SafetyNames Managed WordPress Blog. The site speed is incredible, I love the design that I picked, and the support has been second to none.

I decided to start blogging about my insights as a beauty specialist after my second daughter was born. Since I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge I opted for the Managed WordPress Blog and it’s exceeded my expectations in every regard.

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