The SafetyNames Concierge Team will create a beautiful, mobile-optimized, website for you. Or set up your domains and professional email for you. Or advise you on the perfect combination of security products keeping you and you clients online.


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Screaming unnecessary!

Customer Service like you don’t know it

Our customer service and support team are all avid users of our own products and they’ve all been there… “how am I going to figure this out?!”


What our users say

I started using SafetyNames when I just started out as a photographer. Since I don’t really have the time to learn how to code and develop a website, I decided to go for the managed website service. Couldn’t be happier, highly recommended!

Christian D / Los Angeles, CA

I run a beauty salon and always struggled finding new customer because I used a Gmail address. I decided to make my email look more professional and enjoyed SafetyNames’ outstanding customer service.

Janine M / Detroit, MA

I sell soap products online that I import from South America. I love the e-commerce website that Caroline built for me within a few days. Also great that the most important security products are included already and I can always reach them for addons.

Michael / Orlando, FL